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Vehicle Search by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Vehicle Search using dropdown menus

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What's New


Using the Favourites functions will allow you look-up, store, and recall vehicles that you regularly search for on the site. Three buttons at the top of the screen control the Favourites functions. Refer to the User Guide for details on how these buttons function.

Vehicle Workspaces

CBB Online now allows you to open up to four vehicles at one time. This will allow you to move from one vehicle to the next simply by clicking the page buttons, found at the top of the screen.

Quick Start

The following steps are designed to get you to the values you need on our redesigned web site quickly.

All of the functions you have used are still available and new features have been added to improve your CBB Online experience.

1. Enter a VIN and click "Go" or select a vehicle from the dropdown menus.
2. Click the "Options" tab and check the boxes next to the equipment for the vehicle you are valuing. The price on the "Wholesale," "Retail," and/or "Residuals" tabs will change depending on selections.
3. Select the region, and enter the odometer reading.
Optional for Residual Subscribers
4. If you are searching for residuals, enter the term, in months and anticipated annual mileage for the lease.

New Feature - Save vehicles to Favourites

  1. To save the vehicle currently open as a favourite click the "+" next to the "Favourites" button. The specific vehicle and the options you selected will be saved.
  2. To open a favourite click the "Favourites" button and then click on the vehicle you wish to open.
  3. Remove a vehicle by clicking the "X" button after opening the vehicle you wish to delete.

New Feature - Four vehicles open simultaneously

  1. After a vehicle has been open click the page buttons at the top of the screen to open a blank workspace
  2. A different vehicle can be opened in the new workspace
  3. Move from workspace to workspace by clicking the buttons.

Note: When the workspaces are full you can overwrite any of the vehicles by simply opening a new vehicle.

Vehicle Search by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Using the VIN you may search our database for vehicle values, depending on the vehicle manufacturer the VIN will completely or partially determine the year, make, model, trim, and bodystyle.

To search by VIN:
  1. Enter the VIN in one of the formats described below in the field next to "Search by VIN"
  2. Click "Go," next to the VIN entry field
  3. If you receive a message refer to the possible reasons below

Valid VIN Formats

To search by VIN you may use one of three different segments of the VIN.

Sample VIN: WBAEV53424KM33333

VIN Format Description Example
Format 1 Complete VIN WBAEV53424KM33333
Format 2 First 10 characters WBAEV53424
Format 3 First eight characters plus character 10 WBAEV5344

VIN-related messages and explanations

Message Explanation
VIN search has determined the supplied VIN does not validate. Please check your entry. One or more characters in the supplied VIN are incorrect. Tip: Letters I, O, Q, U, and Z are not used in VINs because they can easily be confused with other characters.
The VIN you provided matches multiple vehicles, please select a vehicle (followed by a list of similar vehicles) The manufacture has several vehicles that match this VIN sequence and the trim line cannot be uniquely identified from the VIN
The VIN you enter must be 9 digits long (1-8 + 10), 10 digits long (1-10), or a full 17 digit VIN. VINs must be entered in one of the formats described above.

Vehicle Search using dropdown menus

Vehicle look-up can be performed by using the dropdown menus provided by selecting the desired options in the menus from left-to-right. After making a selection from all of the menus the values will populate.

Tip: In cases where only one option is possible, for example a model is only offered as a sedan, that selection will be completed automatically for you. In some instances several fields will auto-complete for you.

Note: If you are a subscriber to our residual values be sure to click the "New" button for new car residuals and "Used" to return to see used vehicle values and used vehicle residuals.

Tab Contents

Wholesale Tab

This tab has the prices listed for the selected vehicle listed for Extra clean, Clean, Average, and Rough conditions. Extra clean prices are not published for vehicles older than six model years.

Retail Tab

Guideline retail prices are provided in the same condition categories as wholesale prices.

Options Tab

Using this tab you select the key equipment that impacts the value of the vehicle by checking the box beside a given option. The resulting price change will be reflected on the other tabs.
Note: Some vehicles do not have any options to be listed, in turn, no options will appear to be selected.

Residuals Tab

If residuals are published for the vehicle selected they will appear here. Generally there are residuals published for all new vehicles and used vehicles up to three model years old.
For used vehicle residuals the number of terms shown will vary depending on the model year of the vehicle selected. The older the vehicle the few the terms that will be displayed.

Vehicle Workspaces

Vehicle workspaces are similar to having several copies of the Black Book open at the same time to different pages. You can open up to four unique vehicles and toggle between them without losing any of the details you have entered for each one.

To use this feature follow these steps:

  1. When the CBB Online web page loads the first vehicle workspace is automatically selected and is highlighted with a blue border
  2. After a vehicle is opened, the button background changes to white to indicate that a vehicle is being displayed
  3. To open another vehicle click the page buttons at the top of the screen revealing a difference workspace, the selected workspace button will then be highlighted with a blue border
  4. A different vehicle can be opened in the new workspace
  5. Move from workspace to workspace by clicking the buttons

A summary of the page buttons and their state is as follows:

Icon Style Indication
Blue border, black fill Page currently displayed but no vehicle has been selected
Blue border, white fill Page currently displayed with a vehicle selected
White border, black fill Page is hidden and no vehicle selected
White border, white fill Page is hidden but has a vehicle selected

Favourites Management

With the improved CBB Online you can save vehicles that you frequently look-up, to help you access the information you need more quickly. This feature has been designed to be straightforward and easy to learn.

The vehicles you add to your Favourites list are part of your user profile and so you will see these favourites wherever you login.

To add a vehicle:

  1. Search for a vehicle using either the VIN or with the dropdown menus.
  2. After the vehicle you select has been displayed, click the "+" next to the Favourites button
  3. A message will appear to confirm that the vehicle was added, click the "OK" button to close the confirmation message.

To find a vehicle in your Favourites:

  1. Click the "Favourites" button
  2. A list of your favourites will then appear in ascending order of Make, Model, then Year, which is in descending order
  3. Click the vehicle you wish to open

Note: Vehicle options and odometer reading are also saved to your favourites. To change options and mileage enter them as described elsewhere and click the "+" to overwrite your previously saved version.
A confirmation message will appear noting that the vehicle has been overwritten, click "OK" to close the acknowledgment.

Tip: We recommend you save vehicle without specifics such as options or mileage to prevent inadvertently over- or under-valuing a vehicle. Save the basic information to your Favourites and customize each vehicle's options and mileage as you appraise them.

To delete a Favourite:

  1. Using the steps described above to look-up a vehicle, open the favourite vehicle you wish to remove
  2. Once the vehicle has opened, click the "X" button to remove it
  3. A confirmation message will appear noting that the vehicle has been removed from your favourites, click "OK" to close the message.